BOGE Energy Saving VSD 30kW+

Saving energy and space High output with total control: SLF/SLDF series Adjusting the motor speed to fulfil the varying free air delivery requirements is the most efficient operating method when the system has considerable fluctuations, limited air receiver capacity or

BOGE C Series V.S.D. up to 22Kw

CL / CLF Series 7.5kW Best specific working range C 9 LF: Directly coupled BOGE screw compressors Directly coupled BOGE screw compressors plus a frequency controlled drive make an extremely flexible system. Any changes in compressed air demand are responded

BOGE SL Series 200Kw to 350Kw

Direct saving SL series with direct drive The SL series of screw compressors are direct coupled – therefore transmission losses are virtually eliminated. The SL series is a logical extension of the range to complement the S series and utilises

BOGE S Series 22Kw – 250Kw

(Click on images for further details) S-3 Series 22Kw to 110kW SD Series 30kW to 110kW (with built in dryer) S Series 110kW and up.

BOGE C / CD 11Kw to 22Kw

Silent, compact, and extremely efficient. The models of the BOGE C series are real trend setters. The belt driven models of the BOGE C series up to 22 kW provide absolute efficiency and are virtually silent, requiring an extremely limited


Small but enormous… BOGE screw compressors C 4 to C 9 D The belt driven BOGE screw compressors are equipped with the patented GM drive system for optimisation of every operating phase. These BOGE compressed air stations are also available

BOGE CL / CLD / CLDR 7.5Kw TO 22Kw

A class of its own: The BOGE C L series Compressor series up to 22 kW asks little and gives everything Silent, compact, and extremely efficient. The space saving directly coupled screw compressors of the C L series are designed

BOGE CL / CLD Up to 5.5Kw

The directly coupled BOGE screw compressorC 3 L to C 7 LDR requires neither drive belts or gearboxes. Compressor and motor are connected by means of a coupling, thus avoiding any transmission losses. This compact BOGE series is particularly suited