BOGE CL / CLD / CLDR 7.5Kw TO 22Kw

cl7.5A class of its own: The BOGE C L series

Compressor series up to 22 kW asks little and gives everything

Silent, compact, and extremely efficient. The space saving directly coupled screw compressors of the C L series are designed for very efficient economical operation and are equipped with optional horizontal receiver and/or mounted refrigerant dryer to be flexible and adaptable to the individual requirements of the respective situation of application.


Effective FAD :

1,06 – 2,28 m3/min
37 – 80 cfm

Pressure range:
8 and 10 bar
115 and 150 psi

Rated power:
7,5 – 15 kW
10 – 20 Hp