FT-IR Purge Gas Generators

FT-IR Purge Gas Generators – FT-IR Purge Gas on Demand, up to 85 lpm

The Parker Balston “Plug and Play” FT-IR purge gas generator is engineered to transform standard compressed air from an integral state of the art oil-free compressor, into a safe regulated supply of dry (-73oC) CO2 free (< 1 ppm) purge gas. The FT-IR gas generators are an ideal alternative to nitrogen producing cleaner background spectra in a shorter time. Payback periods are typically less than one year. By removing CO2 and water vapour the signal to noise ratio allows more accurate analysis, particularly from 1,200-2,000, 2,400 and 3,600-4,000 wave numbers.

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  • Produces a continuous supply of purge gas for FT-IR’s at a fraction of the cost of nitrogen
  • Complete “Plug and Play” generator
  • Improve signal-to-noise ratio even on non-purge systes – cleaner spectra in a shorter time
  • Recommended and used by all leading FT-IR manufacturers
  • Eliminate costly nitrogen cylinders from the laboratory
  • Internal acoustic dampening ensures quiet operation