Parker Domnick Hunter & Parker Balston Lab Gas Generation

Technology you can trust

Parker domnick hunter & Parker Balston are the leading provider of Gas Systems for the Analytical Instrument market. Generators are specifically designed to meet the stringent gas requirements for all the leading Analytical Instrument manufacturers including Agilent, Thermo Fisher, Waters, Shimadzu, AB Sciex, Perkin Elmer and many others. Utilising Parker’s range of patented proprietary technologies, there are 1,000’s of systems installed worldwide. These technologies offer some unique performance benefits, including guaranteed ultra-high purity gas, silent operation, minimal moving parts and minimal operator attention. It is technology you can trust.

Improved instrument performance

Consistent gas quality and pressure improves stability and ensures greater reproducibility of results.




No changing of gas cylinders or liquid dewars. On-demand supply 24/7 – generate gas as and when required.


Eliminate high pressure gas cylinders and liquid dewars from your laboratory.
Eliminates manual handling, reducing Health and Safety risks.


Payback in less than 18 months. Minimal ongoing maintenance costs.
No more gas costs, delivery and rental charges.

High-pressure gas cylinders are a common sight in many laboratories: a default for supplying analytical instruments with their gas requirements, high-pressure gas cylinders are familiar and provide the gas that’s required, so it could be said that the old adage, ‘if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it’, could well apply. Despite this, increasing numbers of analytical instrument users are choosing to supply their GC FID, LC/MS and other types of instrument with gas via an analytical gas generator. Driving this decision will be a combination of factors broadly grouped into four areas; safety, cost, convenience and purity.

For further details on how Parker lab gas generators can benefit you please call CATR on (07) 3275-1822 or by email,

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