Nitrogen Tyre Inflator

The cost-effective, reliable and safe solution for inflating vehicle tyres with nitrogen

TruckTyreSaver from Parker is a range of compact nitrogen tire inflators That produces nitrogen gas from compressed air to offer a cost -effective , reliable and safe alternative to traditional nitrogen gas supplies Such as cylinders . Nitrogen is used in tires to Maintain the correct tire pressure . Correct tire pressure leads to fuel efficiency , lower CO2 Emissions and safer driving . The TruckTyreSaver range is robust , compact , easy to use and designed to inflate vehicle tires With nitrogen gas at the correct pressure and purity . With high quality compressed air filtration , minimal maintenance requirements and robust design , the TruckTyreSaver is your reliable , trouble – free solution to Realise significant cost savings on fuel consumption and tire wear and additionally you reduce CO2 emission while Maximizing safety for drivers .



  • Tyre pressure retention is up to 4 times longer than air filled tyres
  • Optimal tyre temperature and less chance of tyre blow outs

Cost reduction

  • Tyres at the optimal pressure use less fuel (up to 6%)
  • Tyres at the optimal pressure have an increased tyre life (up to 25%)
  • Corrosion of the rims and steel belt of the tyre is not possible


  • Reduced fuel consumption
  • Reduction CO2 output
  • Less tyre wear

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