Sterile Air Filters

HIGH FLOW TETPOR II gas sterilisation filters have been developed to benefit from technological advances within the manufacture of PTFE membranes. This new generation of filter sets the standard with an unrivalled combination of efficiency, flow rate and strength. The

Compressed Air Filtration

Coalescing compressed air filters are probably the single most important items of compressed air treatment equipment in a compressed air system. They are designed to remove aerosols (droplets) of oil and water using mechanical filtration techniques, and also to remove

Carbon Dioxide Polishers

Carbon dioxide is used within beverage production in brewing, sparkling wine and in soft drink for carbonation of the finished product and for inert storage of flavorings. Quality Guidelines for producers of beverage CO2 are issued by organizations such as

PL1000 Gas filter elements.

For details on this product please contact CATR on (07) 3275-1822.

Medical Vacuum Filters

High Efficiency Medical Vacuum Filters OIL-X EVOLUTION MV Medical Vacuum Filters are designed for critical applications involving the removal of liquid, solid and bacterial contamination from the suction side of vacuum pump systems, preventing damage to the pump and the

High Pressure Compressed Air Filtration

The removal of impurities within a compressed air system is vitally important in order to prevent contamination of downstream processes and products. Parker domnick hunter OIL-X 50 Series intermediate pressure filters combine the well proven OIL-Xplus filter elements with specially

Water Separators

Parker domnick hunter OIL-X EVOLUTION WS Water Separators utilise centrifugal technology which provides a more efficient method of bulk liquid removal. Using a combination of direction change and centrifugal action, water is effectively separated from the compressed air flow. Parker