BOGE CL / CLD Up to 5.5Kw

cl5.5The directly coupled BOGE screw compressorC 3 L to C 7 LDR requires neither drive belts or gearboxes. Compressor and motor are connected by means of a coupling, thus avoiding any transmission losses.

This compact BOGE series is particularly suited as a:

  • compressor unit in existing compressor stations
  • horizontally mounted compressor system on an compressed air receiver
  • compressed air centre in conjunction with a refrigerant dryer mounted on a compressed air receiver


Effective FAD:

0,234 – 0,728 m3/min
8 – 25 cfm

Presure range:
10 and 13 bar
150 and 190 psi

Rated power:
2,2 – 5,5 kW
3 – 7,5 Hp