Level Sensing Condensate Drains

Level sensing condensate drains

ed3000 vf-1

Features and Advantages

The Ecodrain ED3000 series feature:

  • Non wearing magnetic-core level control for optimum and “air-loss free” discharge of condensate.
  • Intergrated dirt screen between level measurement and drain valve to protect the diaphragm valve with alarm monitoring.
  • A diaphragm valve with large cross-section and condensate pilot control for extended service life.
  • Voltage free alarm contact (except ED3002,ED3004).
  • Non-wearing magnetic-core level control: The magnetic core level control employs xed-switching points to operate the valve. Non-contact magnetic sensors detect the magnetic core signal transmitter position.
  • The collecting vessel intergrated in the condensate drain is always used at optimum efficiency. This results in a minimised number of switching cycles and thus, maximum service life of the drain valve. No calibration required.
  • Intergrated dirt screen: The dirt screen is intergrated between the level control and the drain valve. Retains any contaminants that could damage the diaphragm valve that trigers an alarm, also if the screen is clogged by dirt.
  • Allows the drain to be cleaned easily and rapidly.