Parker Refrigerated Air Dryers 265 cfm +

The importance of compressed air as a provider of energy for modern industrial processes is widely known. What is often overlooked however is the need to provide quality treatment for this air. In fact, the air entering the system contains condensate which, when cooled, will turn into liquid water, causing extensive damage not only to the compressed air network, but also to the finished product.

PoleStar Smart® refrigeration dryers actively remove this condensate to achieve extremely dry compressed air.

Minimal direct energy costs


  • The SmartSave patent-pending feature (in model PST120 upwards) automatically and precisely adjusts energy consumption in response to actual operating conditions (air variability and seasonal changes), avoiding unnecessary waste.
  • SmartControl controls the SmartSave feature, with multiple sensors guaranteeing maximum savings and avoiding dewpoint surges.
  • SmartPack’s all-in-one design and thermal insulation are further energy-saving features.

The most effective air dryer on the market, in all operating conditions. PoleStar Smart® leads themarket with the lowest full-load power consumption due to its:

  • Oversized heat exchanger
  • Compliant scroll compressors
  • R407C environmentally friendly refrigerant
  • direct operation, avoiding the increased energy consumption of thermal mass-type air dryers. PoleStar Smart® consumes less energy at full load and saves more energy at partial loads. Electrical consumption usually accounts for around 50%of the air dryer’s total cost over a five-year period.

Reduced indirect costs

  • Electricity required by the compressor to compensate for pressure drops in the air dryer accounts for around 25% of its total cost over 5 years. PoleStar Smart® offers average pressure drops which are about one half those of graph3conventional systems.
  • The air compressor requires additional energy to offset the drop in compressed air pressure caused by traditional condensate drains. SmartDrainer, standard in models PST120 upwards, automatically adjusts its drainage pattern to avoid compressed air loss, thereby saving energy.