Water Separators

Parker domnick hunter OIL-X EVOLUTION WS Water Separators utilise centrifugal technology which provides a more efficient method of bulk liquid removal. Using a combination of direction change and centrifugal action, water is effectively separated from the compressed air flow. Parker domnick hunter centrifugal separators are very efficient with varying flow conditions and have been further optimised to reduce energy costs.


  • Wet air enters the inlet port and is directed into the separator module fixed turning vanes causing the air to spin inside the vessel and then change direction as it passes the impinger.
  • A vortex is then created which narrows and intensifies as it reaches the lower part of the separator.
  • Bulk liquid is therefore removed from the air stream due to a combination of:
    – Directional changes of the air stream.
    – Velocity changes.
    – Centrifugal action of the vortex.
  • As the vortex reaches the bottom of the separator module, air is forced through the centre of the vortex.
  • Aerospace turning vanes located in the outlet of the separator module now turn an “inefficient corner” into a number of more “efficient corners” to reduce turbulence, minimise pressure loss and therefore operational costs.