Pressure Vessel Inspections

At CATR we are fully equipped to undertake on site pressure vessel inspections, they are required to be inspected and checked every 2 years with an internal visual examination required every 4 years.

The inspection meets AS/NZ 3788 requirements and is carried out by an experienced technician at a pre-arranged time to allow for minimal down time. The vessels are thoroughly inspected utilizing ultrasonic testing to determine wall thicknesses to monitor for signs of corrosion & pitting. The inspection includes the resealing of ports and pressure testing to the vessels working pressures. Safety valves & Gauges are pressure tested and tagged if acceptable, if they are unacceptable or fail testing CATR can supply & replace with new.

Once completed the inspection technician will issue the site contact with a written report and an “Inspection Certificate” will be emailed out within a few days from completeion. CATR’s inspection certificate will also assist customers in identifying Hazard levels and the possible need of registration with WH&S, if required.

In today’s workplace safety is the number one focus. With this in mind CATR go above and beyond to identify any hazards, faults or problems that may be evident in your compressed air system. CATR can resolve it. To arrange an inspection or to find out if you require one, please call us on (07) 3275 1822